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Pastor Joseph Crossley & 
First Lady Michelle Crossley

City of refuge christian church

In 1997, after eight years of ministry as an associate minister at United Apostolic Church, serving under the late Pastors James Wooten and Robert L. Harris, Elder Joseph J. Crossley Jr. and his lovely wife Michelle were directed by the Holy Spirit to begin an outreach ministry.

They began to go to various prisons, into homeless shelters, soup kitchens, drug treatment centers and at risk women facilities. After one year in outreach ministry, Pastor Crossley was again directed by the Holy Spirit to start City Of Refuge Church. After much prayer and the blessing of his then Pastor, Robert L. Harris, Pastor Crossley began to pray and seek God for the area God wanted the church to start in. Being led by the Holy Spirit to St. Andrew’s Lutheran church, located in one of Detroit’s most challenging areas of crime and blight.

In the month of November 1998, Pastor Crossley with his wife Michelle along with their three young sons Joseph, Joshua, and Matthew held the first service of City Of Refuge Church. From the very beginning, God has been the force propelling the growth and evolution of the City Of Refuge Church. By many signs and supernatural events, God has demonstrated His divine approval by transforming many lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

After many years of ministry, enduring great challenges and enjoying great successes, Pastor Joseph J. Crossley, Jr.  with the entire City Of Refuge Church family can say, “having received help from God, we continue in the work which we have been Called.”

At City of Refuge Christian Church, we believe that everyone is called by purpose. We seek to glorify God and cultivate a community built on our undying love for Christ and each other.

Pastor Keith L. Spiller Sr. & 
First Lady Adrian Spiller

Pentecostal church of Jesus Christ

Elder Keith Spiller received the Holy Ghost on April 12, 1980 at the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ and has served faithfully in many capacities including but not limited to bus driver, choir member, brotherhood, youth president, Sunday School teacher, missionary chairman, Sunday school superintendent, junior and senior deacon, member of board of trustees, and member of board of directors.

Elder Keith L. Spiller Sr. served as assistant pastor for six years before ascending to the pastorship.​

Elder Spiller married the love of his life, Adrian Lynn Allen on August 22nd 1992, and together they are the parents of four children, Sterling Alexandre, Keith Lenard II, Kiersten Shannon and Kiana Lynn.​

Professionally, Elder Spiller is a Real Estate Broker and Certified General Appraiser and owned and operated Realticorp Inc. and Executive Appraisal Service, LLC.
Presently Elder Spiller is self-employed as a commercial and residential real estate appraiser, serves as pastor at Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ and serves the community on the Board of Assessment Review in the city of Eastpointe, MI.​

After the passing of Elder Claude Allen Jr. the board asked Elder Keith L. Spiller Sr. to serve as "spiritual advisor". On June 1, 2010, Elder Spiller was unanimously voted in as pastor. In September of 2010, Elder Spiller was officially installed as pastor by the honorable Bishop Gary Harper

Bishop Norman Allen II &
First Lady Allen

Bridge the gap ministries

Bishop Dr. Norman Allen II was born in Detroit, Michigan to the late Mr. C.J. and Mrs. Toy Allen. At age seventeen he enlisted in the United States Army where he served as a Medical Corpsman, X-Ray Specialist, Finance and Accounting Officer and Chaplain. He is a decorated Viet Nam war veteran. He retired from the Army Reserves in 2004 in the rank of Major. Bishop Allen is Senior Pastor of Christ Temple Apostolic Church, Oak Park, Michigan; and, Bridge the Gap Ministries, Eastpointe, Michigan. He is the founder and Diocesan Bishop of the Military Diocese, 21st Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International, Inc.

Bishop Allen was baptized in Jesus Name Thursday April 30, 1987 at Apostolic Faith Temple 20915 Evergreen Road, Southfield, Michigan under the pastorate of the late Bishop Dr. Nemiah Smith. He received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost three days later on Sunday May 3rd. Twelve months later he married the lovely Evangelist Betty Allen. Together they have eight children (6 living), seventeen grandchildren and four great grandchildren. 

Ministry assignments:

Associate Minister – Greater Apostolic Faith Temple, Detroit, MI *Associate Pastor – Cass Community United Method Church, Detroit, MI * Interim Director of Pastoral Care, Mercy Hospital, Detroit, MI * Brigade Chaplain – 1stBrigade, 70th Training Division, Inkster, MI * Hospital Staff Chaplain, 323rd Combat Support Hospital, Southfield, MI. 

Bishop Allen has over 31years of experience in health care, business, finance, and pastoral ministry. Outplacement experience includes vice president for customer and community relations, and other transition services to corporations and individuals such as strategic planning, project and career center management, job development, and group and individual counseling. He is a former member of the Oak Park, MI Zoning Board of Appeals, and a founding member of the Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (M.O.S.E.S). 

Ministry Assignments with Pentecostal Churches of The Apostolic Faith Association, Inc. 

Ordained Elder 1993–2002 

Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors 1999-2002 

Chairman of the Executive Committee (Board of Directors) 2002-2008 

District Elder  2002-2010 

Jurisdictional Bishop 2010-2014 

Bishop 2014-Present 


Bachelor of Science, Madonna College, Livonia, MI. Radiologic Technology 

Clinical Pastoral Education, Grace Hospital, Detroit, MI. 

Master of Divinity, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, Il. 

Doctor of Christian Ministry, Midwest Apostolic Bible College (Bell Bible College), Chicago, IL
Doctor of Ministry, Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit, MI

Pastor Mark A. Hill &
First Lady Barbara Hill

life changing ministries christian church

Pastor Mark A. Hill is the Senior Pastor of Life Changing Ministries Christian Church.

Pastor Hill is the husband of Lady Barbara Hill. They have been married for 26 years and  have 3 wonderful children: Mark ll, Mycah, and Malik. Additionally, they have a wonderful Son of Love, Dezi Harris.

LCM Christian Church is a newer ministry located at 40 New Street, in Downtown Mount Clemens.

Our mantra is, “Your Change Starts Here”.

Bishop Bartell

Bethlehem Temple Church (The House Of Bread)

Bishop Phillip Bartell Pastors Bethlehem Temple Church (The House Of Bread) aka Soul Anchor Ministries. The Evangelical and Outreach arm of Bethlehem Temple Church. Bethlehem Temple Church is located in Northern Macomb County in the Village of New Haven Mi.

New Haven Mi., is a small Village with a population of approximately 3,000 residents. It was also home to the New Haven Foundry where many migrated from the south, other State’s and different parts of Michigan seeking employment. The migration and influx of those moving and working in what became a small but rather bustling Village, necessitated Bethlehem Temple Church being planted. The late Bishop David Collin’s former Assistant Pastor, and Former Pastor of Clinton St. Greater Bethlehem Temple aka The Mother Church was instrumental in its planting. Unfortunately New Haven foundry closed in 2002 and was demolished in 2007 resulting in the loss opportunity for full time long term employment resulting in so many moving out of the Village to other places.

Bishop Bartell’s Pastor, and Father in the Gospel, sent him to Pastor Bethlehem Temple Church in July, 1993 after the then, members of Bethlehem Temple reached out to him in need of someone to minister to them and Pastor the Church. On October 25, 1993, Pastor Bartell after being asked by the members of Bethlehem Temple Church to be there Pastor agreed and accepted the will of the people and the will of God, and was installed as the Pastor of Bethlehem Temple Church. Pastor Phillip Bartell along with his wife and family continues to serve the members of Bethlehem Temple Church and the Village of New Haven Mi., community.

Bishop Bartell, along with present and past members of Bethlehem Temple have impacted and continues to impact the Village of New Haven with regularly held services each week beginning 10:00 am with Sunday School known as (The Breakfast of Champions) followed by 11:30 am Sunday Morning Worship Experiences, ministered with dynamic Preaching, and Teaching, Spirited Praise and Worship and Testimonial service. Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm is Discipleship Training where the Bible is encouraged and the word of God taught powerfully, with inspiration, simplicity and understanding. These are sessions where questions can be raised, asked, and answered biblically, scripturally and inspirationally. Bishop Bartell frequently schedules open format forums during Disciple Training sessions where there isn’t a prescribed subject. In which opportunities are provided for anyone to ask any questions they may have on about the Bible.

Bethlehem Temple Church, under the leadership and vision of Pastor Bartell, established and continues to hold and host Community Days, Cookouts, Clothing and Backpacks, School Supplies Gift Cards, and Gas Cards and other giveaways for the less fortunate in the community. Bethlehem Minister to the Community through Annual Tent Meetings, Vacation Bible School, Family and Friends Day Services luncheons, Outreach Ministry, Prayer Services and Sick and Shut in and Hospital Visitations. Pre Marital and Post Marital counseling Bethlehem Temple Church Facilities are also available upon request schedule permitting; for the following: Weddings, Funerals, Community Meetings; serving the residents of the Village of New Haven and surrounding communities.

All are invited and welcome at Bethlehem Temple Church (The House Of Bread) where our Motto is “Small Enough To Care; Big Enough to Make a Difference!” Bishop Phillip and Lady LaDrena Bartell and Bethlehem Temple Church Family

Pastor & First Lady Parker

Spirit of christ ministry church

Spirit of Christ Ministry Church was organized on June 15, 2005 by Elder Willie J. Parker with his wife Sister Beulah Parker and three members in Detroit, Michigan.

After seven years the congregation by the Grace of God begin to grow. Holy Spirit spoke to Elder Willie J. Parker to move to a larger edified, with the support of the Deacons, and the membership we moved to our new edified 16451 E. 9 Mile Road, Eastpointe, Michigan.

The Lord is still blessing Spirit of Christ Ministry Church under the leadership of Elder Willie J. Parker, and he want our church to live by our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Our Mission of Spirit of Christ Ministry Church is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the intent of winning and saving souls for the Kingdom of God, exemplifying the love and Spirit of Jesus Christ for all mankind. Elder Willie J. Parker is a man of God he shows charity to everyone (Love in the Action) and teaches the word of God.